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About Us

Saved By Grace

Our Pastors

Pastors James and Shirley are dedicated to helping people fulfill their destiny in the Kingdom of God.  Their goal is to empower people through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to succeed through sharing the Love of the Father.

Our Mission

Welcome to the Ministries of Saved By Grace, an Isaiah 61 church. Saved By Grace is a member of the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening in Canyon Lake TX. We exist to fulfill the biblical commission of Jesus Christ so come as you are and be loved!

Foreign Missions

We currently partner with several pastors and missionaries in the southern part of the state of Oaxaca, Mexico and also in Cuernavaca, Mexico.  We have been blessed to establish relationships with ministers who have paved the way throughout the mountains.  Men who took the Gospel of the Kingdom of God over trails by truck and donkey.  Trails which are now paved roads. To villages where there are now thriving towns. Establishing churches and raising up leaders to continue shepherding the people. We have invitations to several other regions of Central America, South Africa, India and Europe. Where and when we GO is always determined by the Holy Spirit.

Current Outreach

For the past ten years, we have given out free food, clothing, shoes and school supplies to underserved populations in Canyon Lake. In August, just before School starts, we pass out free school supplies and new shoes to as many as we are able to afford. Each fall we pass out hundreds of coats and jackets that we have collected and cleaned from local lost and founds. We also have an ongoing taco ministry that gives out free tacos every Saturday in a community known for drug trafficking. Through these ministry outreaches we have established credibility and relationship throughout the community.

Long Term Goal

Our long term goal is to build an intentional community that addresses both the spiritual and physical needs of local persons wishing leave behind a life of drug abuse. Many of these men and women are caught in a generational cycle; They have grown up with violence and drug abuse being modeled from their parents and grandparents.  Growing up in a culture that devalues and dehumanizes life, many men and women are growing up without the truth of the gospel. They do not know the Father’s love or our inherent worth as image-bearers of the most high God. In addition, logistical road blocks such as clearing up warrants, completing unfinished education, and job training  have kept them from success. As pastors, we are able to build a foundation of love and relationship through the sharing of the gospel of Jesus Christ. This foundation is essential to all the work we do. It’s that foundation that gives us the platform to cultivate true and lasting change. In our many years in Texas we have developed and cultivated relationships with experts who are willing and able come alongside this mission and help with addressing warrants, education, and job training. With the addition of a physical location to house this ministry, we hope to provide a safe, well-trained, Jesus-centered community that gives space for people to experience the freedom of Jesus Christ and the breaking of the chains of addiction.